Vessel Monitoring

Vessel Tracking

  • High-resolution GPS Tracking
  • Secure, Encrypted Data Transfer
  • Industry Standard Data Formats
  • Compatible with most existing Vessel Monitoring Systems
  • Share Track Data Selectively with Trading Partners

Virtual Observers

  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) IP66 cameras
  • Full-HD, low-light color
  • Secure DVR for video storage
  • Optimized frame selection for real-time transmission of Critical Tracking Events (i.e. catch)
  • High priority data via-satellite, routine footage uploaded via 4G LTE (cellular) upon return to port.

Catch Reporting

  • Tablet and Laptop Support
  • Windows (browser), IOS, Android
  • Remotely Updated Form Library
  • UTF-8 Internationalization
  • Open API for developing 3rd Party Forms (React Native)
  • Cryptographically Secure, Digitally Signed, Data Formats

Vessel Operations

Voice & Video Calling

  • Voice Calling
  • Separate Vessel Operator and Crew Accounts
  • Videoconferencing*
  • Multiple Voice Lines*
  • Concurrent Voice and Internet

* Fleet Broadband and Xpress

Email / Internet

  • Supports Gmail, Yahoo, etc. and most corporate email (IMAP)
  • Firewall with Configurable Blacklist/Whitelist to Block Spam
  • Optimized Compression and Resizing of Images
  • Quotas and Usage Restrictions (i.e. for Crew Email Use)

Social Media & News

  • SMS Chat Services
  • FaceBook Graph API Proxy
  • RSS Newsfeed Cache
  • Optimized Proxy for Mobile Websites (i.e.
  • Low-Graphics/No-Graphics
  • Quotas and Restrictions

Safety & Quality

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Vessel Operations
  • Supply-chain Workflows
  • Supply-chain Sales and CRM
  • Safety and Standard Operating Procedure training
  • Manage Vessel Registration, Certificates and Permits

Labor Monitoring

  • APIs provide a cryptographically secure, private means to conduct crew surveys, and for reporting of suspected labor violations
  • GPS, Sensors and Video feeds confirm compliance for minimum crew numbers, working hours, and trip duration

Partner Specified Plans

  • Available to academic and non-profit organizations
  • Hosted, LXD, and Snap containers
  • Analyze sensor data directly on-board vessel
  • All major Linux distros supported